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About the Town of Newburgh Model Car Club
From it's humble beginnings as an offshoot of the Town of Newburgh Model Railroad Club in 1981 with 6 members, the Town of Newburgh Model Car Club boasts upwards of 30-40 members every year. and most of our members have distinguished themselves in the automotive modeling community with magazine articles, contest wins, etc. But most important of all, the club has established itself as a fun group to be involved with. The year 2015 marks the club's 35th anniversary and we couldn't be more proud. There's no telling what the future might bring, but there's certainly no reason why we can't easily go for another 35 years........
How is TNMCC organized?

One of the club's "greatest" assets is the fact that we have no formal club officers. Rick Hanmore and Mike Felix run the meetings and handle the club finances, but that's about it. We have other guys who do the club website, Fotki, Facebook, Twitter, etc. but there are no club officers to elect, so we avoid a lot of the political nonsense that can destroy a club dedicated to a hobby. So we may not be as organized as we could be, but we maximize our fun. And that's been a good trade-off for over 35 years now.

When and where does TNMCC hold meetings?

We meet on the first Monday of every month, except for September ('cause that's Labor Day, so the September meeting is on the 2nd Monday). Meetings are held at the Newburgh Rec Center located on Route 32 near the Route 300 intersection in Newburgh, New York. (Click here for a map.) Guys start arriving around 7:00 and stay till 10:00, sometimes later.

What are TNMCC meetings like?

A typical monthly meeting begins as members and guests start to show up at the Town of Newburgh Recreation Center at 7pm on the first Monday of the month. Egos are checked at the door. Kits, completed models, projects in various stages of completion, diecasts, literature and whatever are sprawled over 4 or 5 tables. Members mill around the meeting room for around an hour or so until approximately 8pm. At that time the meeting begins its loosely structured formalities as Rick Hanmore and Mike Felix get everyone’s attention. Club and hobby news, upcoming or ongoing club projects, contests, events, and general information are discussed for anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. The floor is open for anyone to contribute and many do. If the discussed topic requires group approval, we vote on it by taking a quick show of hands. If a proposal passes the vote we go forward, if not, we go on to the next topic. After all, the meetings are about the models, not political power struggles. With this in mind, Rick and Mike try to keep the group focused and moving forward.

The second part of the meeting is called "going around the table", which allows individuals to speak without interruption and answer questions about whatever finished model, or unfinished project they brought. This process continues as we go around the table until each individual has had their turn with the floor. Typically, the modeler with the floor is asked, "How did you do that?", which is how we’re best able to share techniques and generate new ideas. Impromptu demonstrations often occur as a result of this, and some will develop into a full fledged demo at a future meeting. Unsolicited complements and support for new ideas and methods are commonly heaped on the subject modeler by the group. But most importantly, we don't take each other too seriously during this process, and there’s usually a lot of kidding thrown in as well. Typically this "going around the table" can take up to an hour of the meeting’s time.

Once the go around the table is complete, there may be a club project to work on or a demo to watch. but at most meetings, the remainder of the time is spent informally. We tend to amble around the tables just talking models. People start leaving around 9:30 pm with the most fervent members sticking around until 10 or 11 pm.

Vince Lobosco demonstrates engine detailing techniques
Vince Lobosco demonstrates engine detailing techniques while club members look on.
What kinds of projects do TNMCC members do?

Every year we usually pick a specific kit, like Tamiya's New Beetle or AMT's '57 Chrysler 300C, and have everyone build one to their liking. Then we get 'em all together at a meeting later in the year to see what everyone came up with. A few years ago, we got together to build a scale diorama of the old Newburgh Drive-in Theater with a parking lot full of cars. We also did a police car evolution project called "Light Police Duty" that was featured in Car Modeler #20. A couple of years ago, we took on the task of rebuilding some models from the Dave Shuklis collection owned by the National Model Car Builder's Museum. But we're probably most well known for "Project Chevelle" which appeared as a cover article in Scale Auto Enthusiast magazine several years ago. (SAE #71)

What kinds of club events does TNMCC hold?

We don't "run" any public events per se. But we usually have a swap meet at one meeting every year. Demos are also scheduled at meetings throughout the year, and of course, we have theme nights where members are encouraged to bring in certain types of model cars or trucks. We also have club member contests every now and then.

Does TNMCC run any contests ?

Yes and no. Yes, we have some internal "contests" that are open to members. No, we don't sponsor a full blown public contest, but a bunch of us have thought real seriously about doing one. Maybe someday.......

Are all TNMCC members contest-quality builders?

Absolutely! They wouldn't be club members if they weren't. All prospective club members are required to pass a series of rigorous tests to insure they are true model car and truck nuts! These tests include the dreaded Chinese CA glue torture, an epoxy inhalation world record attempt, and of course the traditional "blood-letting by XACTO" to analyze the prospective member's blood styrene level.

OK, OK, some of our crew build championship caliber models, but the club has room for every skill level, and we all get a tremendous amount of enjoyment from watching others improve their skills. Most club members will probably tell you that they've become better model builders just by participating in the club.

What types of model cars and trucks do we build?

You name it, we've got members who build it. To find guys who build what you like, check out the member pages and galleries. We guarantee you'll find something that punches your buttons.

Does the club do anything meaningful for the community?

Sure we do. We keep glue-sniffing thugs off the streets and in their basement workshops where they belong!

Who's this 'Art' guy?

Art is every die-hard car nut you ever knew. Check out "Project Chevelle" and you'll understand.

What makes TNMCC so special?

Ask any member and you'll get any number of reasons, but they'll all have at least one thing in common. They'll all mention the word "fun".


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