The GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention, billed as "the world's premiere scale vehicle contest and gathering" is held every other year in Salt Lake City.  The show is expertly run by Mark Gustavson and the staff from the International Model Car Builder's Museum.   Several members of the Town of Newburgh Model Car Club have made the trek to GSL over the last few years and done quite well.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and 2022 will mark the FINAL event in GSL's storied history.

GSL is one of the premier shows in the world, and every modeler worth his salt (pun intended) owes it to themselves to attend at least once, and 2022 will be your LAST CHANCE!  You can be sure TNMCC will be there in force !

Like our other event tribute pages, we've got photos from previous years, a listing of members who have won awards in previous years, and some info on the FINAL event, GSL XXVIII coming in 2022, including a countdown ticker to the big event.


Click HERE for a trip report from GSL-XX, held in April, 2005, as told by David Best

TNMCC Members - GSL Award Winners
GSL Year Class Place Club Member Model
XXVII 2019 Custom 1st Vince Lobosco 1962 T-Bird Roadster
XXVII 2019 Box Plus 2nd Vince Lobosco Foose Pickup
XXVII 2019 Factory Stock 3rd Vince Lobosco 1938 Alfa Romeo
XXVI 2017 Competition: Circle Track/Road Course 2nd Vince Lobosco '57 Maserati 450S
XXV 2015 If I Had Styled It 1st Vince Lobosco 1958 Thunderbird Retractable Hardtop Note: This model also won the Master Award for Best Paint/Finish as well as Modeler's Choice !
XXV 2015 Street Machine 2nd Vince Lobosco Meyers Manx Dune Buggy
XXV 2015 Small Scale 2nd Vince Lobosco Model T Fire Truck
XXIV 2013 Street Rod 1st Greg Nichols Backdraft Roadster -- Note: This model also won Modeler's Choice, the Gerald Wingrove Scratchbuilding Award, the Dave Shuklis Memorial Engineering Award, and Best of Show !
XXIV 2013 Street Rod 2nd Vince Lobosco 1925 Rat Rod
XXIV 2013 Factory Stock 3rd Jim Devine Challenger Convertible
XXIV 2013 Factory Stock 4th Vince Lobosco 1934 Packard Dietrich
XXIV 2013 Competition: Circle Track / Road Course 3rd Vince Lobosco 1928 Miller Indy
XXIV 2013 Commercial and Military: Light Duty 4th Mike Felix 1937 Ford Doodlebug
XXIII 2011 Box Plus 1st Jim Devine Porsche 356
XXIII 2011 Small Scale 1st Mike Felix 1931 Ford AA Flatbed
XXIII 2011 Competition: Circle Track/Road Course 2nd Vince Lobosco Aston Martin
XXII 2009 Competition: Land Speed Record 1st Mike Felix '32 Ford
XXII 2009 Competition: Circle Track/Road Course 2nd Vince Lobosco '49 Ferrari 166 MM
XXII 2009 Specialty 2nd Vince Lobosco Dragon Wagon
XXII 2009 Common Kit: New Camaro 2nd Bob Pettine '10 Camaro
XXII 2009 Factory Stock 4th Bob Pettine '70 RoadRunner
XXII 2009 Box Plus 3rd Calvin Crouch Mercedes SLR McLaren
XXII 2009 Street Machine 2nd Paul Anagnostopoulos Mercedes SLR McLaren
XXI 2007 If I Had Designed It 1st Jim Devine Cad Healey Note: This model also won the Dave Shuklis Memorial Engineering Award !
XXI 2007 Specialty 2nd Ron Weissinger Pop-up Camper
XXI 2007 Specialty 3rd Vince Lobosco Tijuana Taxi
XXI 2007 Small Scale 3rd Vince Lobosco '32 Ford Hot Rod
XXI 2007 Street Rod 3rd Vince Lobosco '32 Ford Phantom Vicky
XX 2005 Replica 1st David Best '70 Dodge Coronet R/T Hemi Convertible
XX 2005 Replica 2nd Vince Lobosco '70 Hemi 'Cuda
XX 2005 Street Machine 2nd Vince Lobosco '95 Supra Tuner
XX 2005 Street Rod 2nd Vince Lobosco '32 Ford
XX 2005 Motorcycles 3rd Greg Nichols Repsol Bike
XX 2005 Drag & Landspeed Record Cars 4th Vince Lobosco Big John Mazmanian Willys
XIX 2003 Specialty 1st Greg Nichols Scot-Blown Flathead Ford Engine
XIX 2003 Competition - Circle Track/Road Course 2nd Doug Whyte 1933 Chrysler Stock Car
XVIII 2001 Competition - Circle Track/Road Course 1st Greg Nichols VW GT2000
XVIII 2001 Specialty 3rd Jim Devine '58 Edsel
XVIII 2001 Competition - Circle Track/Road Course 4th Greg Nichols Ferrari F 189
XVIII 2001 Motorcycle 4th Greg Nichols '94 Yamaha TZ 250M
XIV 1993 Customs 1st Doug Whyte '53 Studebaker Coupe (This model also won the Modeler's Choice master award, and makes its permanent residence in the International Model Car Builder's Museum)
XI 1990 Street Machines 3rd Rick Hanmore "Hot Rod Lincoln"
The official GSL history page for shows since 1997 reads like a " who's who" of the model car hobby.  Check it for more info.
GSL XXVII Show Flyer Countdown to GSL XXVII.........


Each GSL, a readily available kit is chosen for the "Common Kit" class.  In 2019, for GSL XXVIII, the common kit will be the ??? !  They also have a class known as Group 22, which features models built from a specific kit using only techniques and materials available 40+ years ago  For 2022, that kit will be the ???? !

Build Something !
For more info, check out the official GSL website.

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