Member Name Modeling Interests  
  Aly Abulkheir  
  Paul Anagnostopolous  
  John Barker  
  David Best Musclecars, street machines, street rods, NASCAR, sports cars, customs, OK just about anything with wheels  
  John Bulzacchelli Sr.  
  John Bulzacchelli Jr.  
  Mike Callan  
  Neal Cunningham Street rods  
  Jim Devine  
  Mike DiMartino  
  Sal DiMiceli  
  Ken Emilian  
  Fred Engels  
  Michael Favata  
  Sam Favata  
  Mike Felix Anything that sparks my interest  
  Steve Glave '30's, '40's, '50's, early '60's, early NASCAR, drag cars, weathered cars, English sports cars, Italian race cars  
  Rick Hanmore  
  Eric Harris  
  Herb Hoskins  
  Billy Kingsley Anything American, especially El Caminos. I also like Chevelles, Bel Airs/Impalas (and lower models) Mustangs and the occasional Mopar. I like lowriders and Tom Daniel Designs.  
  Zack Kohler  
  Vince Lobosco  
  Tom Mach  
  Dan Marks  
  John McGinness Mustangs, Street Rods, Old Trucks, Light Commercial, Customs, Musclecars, Ferraris, etc.  
  Jim McNamara  
  Nick Minglis  
  Jim Molloy  
  Greg Nichols  
  Paul Northrup  
  Mike Obermeyer  
  Ray Parris  
  Bob Pettine  
  Jimmy Rose  
  Tom Sheehy Fire/Police vehicles, '60-'70's musclecars  
  John Stachura  
  Craig Stansfield  
  Chuck Stark  
  Dan Tooker Professional Motorsports Artist  
  Dave Tooker  
  Matt Trotta Rods and Customs  
  Ken Uhler NASCAR, current and nostalgia, Street Rods, 50's and 60's customs  
  Edgar Valdivia  
  Russ Von Sauers  
  Tom Walker  
  Fred Weissinger  
  Ron Weissinger  
  Matt Wells All modern day race cars - 1948 to present  
  Doug Whyte  
  Doc Wiseman  
  Mike Zamparelli  

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