NNL East, the world renowned non-competitive model car show held annually in Parsippany, NJ, holds a special place in the hearts of most members of the Town of Newburgh Model Car Club.   Affectionately known as the annual "pilgrimmage to model car mecca", the trip to NNL East every March is as eagerly anticipated by our members as Christmas morning is to children.  The show is expertly run by the Tri-State Model Car Club, and stakes its claim every year as the largest annual gathering of model cars and enthusiasts in the USA (2000+ models in 2009 !)

NNL East is such an important part of our car modeling lives, we thought it made sense to include a page for it on our site.  We've got links to photos from past years, a listing of our club members who've won Peoples's Choice Awards, and some info on next year's show, including a countdown ticker to the big day.


Each year's show has a theme, and although NNL East is a non-competitive show, the Tri-State club sponsors one or more People's Choice awards every year.  Awards are given to the outstanding models that fit the annual theme, as well as plaques for the Best Junior model and Best in Show, based on popular vote by show attendees.  TNMCC members have been fortunate enough to bring home many of these awards over the years as you can see below. (If you can help us make this list more complete, please send us an email. Thanks !)

TNMCC Members - NNL East People's Choice Award Winners
NNL Year Theme Club Member Model
24 2010 Web Theme: Revell '32 Fords David Best Chopped Hiboy
24 2010 Back to the Future: Cars of the '80s David Best Toyota Supra
20 2006 Web Theme: Revell '06 Mustang Bob Pettine Flamed Mustang
19 2005 Tuners Vince Lobosco Toyota Supra
16 2002 Animal Cars (Out of Diorama) Rick Hanmore '51 Hudson Hornet
15 2001 Life's a Beach (Out of Diorama) Jim McNamara '48 Ford Woodie
15 2001 Life's a Beach (In Diorama) Rick Hanmore et al. "Waterbug"
14 2000 Pace Cars Vince Lobosco '53 Ford Crown Victoria Indy Pace Car
13 1999 Customs Edgar Valdivia "Speed Bump"
12 1998 "Kings of the Street" - Mopar Big Block Vince Lobosco '70 Hemi Cuda
12 1998 "Kings of the Street" - GM Big Block Vince Lobosco '67 Corvette Roadster
10 1996 "Back To The '60's" - Replica Stock Vince Lobosco '69 Yenko Camaro
8 1994 Barracudas Vince Lobosco '71 Hemi Cuda
8 1994 Pickups John Stachura '34 Ford Duallie Tow Truck
6 1992 Firebirds and Camaros - Stock Vince Lobosco '69 Camaro Indy Pace Car
5 1991 "Back To The '50's" - Replica Stock Vince Lobosco '55 Chevy Belair Indy Pace Car
5 1991 "Back To The '50's" - Race Cars Dick Schoonmaker Buck Baker's '57 Chevy NASCAR && vintage GMC hauler
5 1991 Best Junior Deo Read III Oval Track Kenworth
4 1990 Factory Musclecars Vince Lobosco '70 Dodge Coronet R/T
3 1989 "The Cars of Collectible Automobile" Vince Lobosco '56 Ford Crown Victoria
???? ???? Roundy Rounders - Circle Track Cars? Dick Schoonmaker ????
NNL East 33 Show Flyer As for next year's 33rd annual show............


The theme for NNL East 33, scheduled for April 27, 2019 is "The Summer of '69", and the sub-theme will be "Going Places!" -- any vehicle named after a geographic location. The special Web theme for 2019 will be ????????? For more info, check out the official NNL East website.
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For more info on NNL East, check out the Tri-State Model Car Club website.

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